WhatsApp Web – New Updates – 2022

Tech: Hello viewers! How are you, Hoping doing well. Today in this Article/Post Lest see the Features, and guidance for using Whatsapp Web.

You Might have Used WhatsApp Web or want to use it, But Wait do you know how to use it?

Don’t worry this short Article will help you to know how to use WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp, Image Credit: Google

What is WhatsApp Web?

According to WhatsApp the WhatsApp Web allows users to use the WhatsApp in Desktop/PC/Laptops/Tablets, this feature is available free of Cost, and this Feature also allows users to make Video call from there Desktop and Laptops, and Recently the WhatsApp Also Added New Feature of Voice Calling.
User can also Chat and Watch Status on Desktop/Tablets/Laptops with this Feature.

How to Use WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is very easy and best feature to use,
If you Don’t Know how to use it Don’t worry just Follow the Below process.
Note: You Need Mobile Internet Connection to use this Feature.
Let’s Dive Into the Process 
  • Firs Open Your WhatsApp App on your Mobile
  • Then On the Right Top side you can see : (Dots) just click on Linked Device, then on the Next Screen You can See the Details of Linked Devices.
  • Now Click on Link Device, or you can also remove other connected devices from here.
  • Now go to your Desktop/Tablet and Search WhatsApp Web on Google/Bing/Yahoo etc…and visit Official Website of WhatsApp web.whatsapp.com 
  • Now on the screen you can see a QR Code just Scan that Code in your Mobile and That’s it you have logined successfully.
WhatsApp web Login - Alfaznews
Image Credit: Tech site

So here is an sample images of how QR code look like.


How to Logout From WhatsApp Web?

It’s Very Easy and Fast to Logout From WhatsApp Web.
After you learn How to login or how to use the WhatsApp Web in your Laptops or Tablet, Now you might think how to Log out from it, don’t worry it’s very easy to logout just follow this steps.
  • There are Two ways to Logout, You can Logout from your Mobile and also you can Logout from Desktop/Tablet browser.
  • Mobile: Now go the same setting tab as Above step
  • Then select WhatsApp Web (Now if you are login) it will show You are Currently active on this Browser.
  • Just below this you can see a logout Button Just Click on it.
WhatsApp web Logout - Alfaznews
Image Credit: Quora
  • First step is complete You have Successful Logout from WhatsApp Web, Let’s See the Second step how to Logout from Desktop/Tablet.
  • First Go on Laptop browser and click on  Setting tab
  • Then, at Last You can see A Logout Button Click on It.
That’s All Now You have Successful logout.
WhatsApp web Logout - Alfaznews
Image Credit: HelpDesk

The Video Process 

video Credit: Teknik Force


WhatsApp Web Scanner

What is WhatsApp Web Scanner, actually The WhatsApp Web scanner help you to login and use the WhatsApp in you Desktop/Tablet.
How to scan and login already explain in this post just go up and check how to scan and login into WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web Scanner Code

How will you get a code to login? Don’t worry WhatsApp had already provided you Code, with the help of that Code You can login into You WhatsApp.
Q. Can I Use WhatsApp Web in Mobile Browser? 
Ans: Yes, you can use it, just move to Desktop mode on your Browser, But wait This Tool Doesn’t Work Good in Mobile Browser Better to use it on Desktop, Tablets. 
Conclusion: Hopefully this Article Might Help You, And still if you have any Query fell free to ask.


What is WhatsApp Web QR Code?

it’s a QR which helped you to Connect or use your WhatsApp in Desktop or In Tablets

How can I open WhatsApp web on my phone?

open your WhatsApp App and navigate to Top Right Side bar, and there you can Click on Top Button and the Click on WhatsApp Web.

How can I get WhatsApp QR Code?

You need to Visit the Official Website of Whatsapp Web

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