Thank you Coronavirus Helpers: Google Doodle

Google Doodle: On Monday the Google Thanks All Corona Warriors by creating a special Doodle,Currently India is Battling with Second Wave of Coronavirus, and many health workers are works are working since last year pandemic.


Image Credit: Google

In View of the Health Workers Struggles the Google on Monday create a special doodle, and thanks all Corona Warriors this Doodle is dedicated to those people who are steadfastly serving people in this global epidemic around the world.

Last year, Google thanked the frontline workers by creating a similar doodle, Frontline workers are working hard to fight the virus. 

Even after a year, the Pandemic is continuously increasing, We applaud all those essential servicemen around the world who are steadily fighting the coronavirus Pandamic.

Currently Indian is Struggling with Coronavirus and many states had already imposed minor lockdown and issued new restriction to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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