Telangana SSC Exam Cancelled, Intermediate Second Year Exam Postponed

Telangana: The Government of Telangana on Thursday decided to cancel SSC Board Exam, and promoted Intermediate First Year Students and Postponed second Year intermediate Exam. 


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one Day after the Central Government decided to cancel Board Exam of CBSE and now the KCR Government make decisions to Cancel SSC Board Exam in state. Class 10 students of Telangana will be evaluated on the basis of an “objective criteria”, which will be developed by the Telangana SSC board.
And Also Government decided to promote First Year Intermediate student and Postone Exam for Second Year Intermediate Students. 
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The Exam was Scheduled in May, due to Pandamic and rise of Coronavirus cases in state the Government decided to cancel Exam. 
Earlier on Thursday the Government of Uttar Pradesh had postponed the SSC Board Exam, to stop the spread of Coronavirus. 
Currently india is Fighting with Second Wave of Coronavirus and already many states cancelled and postponed exam, this Week Earlier the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal request Government to cancel CBSE Boards and said ” Students life if more important “.
Earlier the Rajasthan Government had Cancel SSC Board Exam in state, to stot spread of Coronavirus in state. 
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