Schools and Colleges to reopen from February 1 in Pune, Maharashtra.

Half Day School For Students from Class 1 to 8 and Full day School for Students from Class 9 to 10.

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Image Credit: NewsIndia

Pune : On Saturday Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar said that all the schools and colleges in Pune will be reopen from February 1, However For the Students of classes 1 to 8 the school timings will be half-that of the regular timings. This is for the time being, the minister clarified, adding that a further decision for standards I to VIII will be taken in the next meeting depending on the pandemic situation at the time.

For Students of classes 9 to 10, the schools will run as per the regular schedule, the minister Stated. Consent from parents will be required to attend the school. Also colleges in the Pune will also function as per regular timings, Ajit Pawar Said