#ResignModi Trednding on Twitter

 India: on Thursday Twitter India is Trending with #ResignModi 

Image Credit: NorthEast Now

Amid Coronavirus Spread Many Indian Lost there Life,The Second Wave of Coronavirus is spreading in India, and Many People think that Government and Prime Minister is Responsible for this Conditions of India, On Thursday Many Indian Shares there Thoughts on Twitter.

Here Are Some Tweets of #ResignModi

This is from The Australian today. If only our govt cared about death itself as much as it cares about the reporting about deaths. #ResignModi pic.twitter.com/tl0SdPG6iQ

— Ruchira Chaturvedi (@RuchiraC) April 29, 2021

India’s top doctor association places Modi at the centre of the country’s Covid-19 spread

#ResignModi pic.twitter.com/I2OofweJUA

— AC 📡 (@Veniceofeast) April 29, 2021

Corona Second Wave is at it’s peak. Today, there are not enough beds, ventilators and oxygen tanks.Our people are dying and there is no space to bury the bodies.#ResignModi#Anti_India_Facebook pic.twitter.com/3OCmSRQ6FW

— Jasmine Kaur Sandhu 🌾🐍 (@Sandhu___Jass) April 29, 2021

Modi’s contribution to prepare India against pandemic:

– Namaste trump
– Topple MP govt
– Thali, torch circus
– Try to topple RJ govt.
– Ram mandir
– SSR propaganda to win Bihar
– Pass dark farm laws
– Rallies: Bihar, WB, AS, TN, KL, Puducherry
– Kumbh Mela

#ResignModi pic.twitter.com/jVqcIG8ZWN

— जूमला किंग (@fekubawa) April 29, 2021


A govt which cannot provide oxygen & bed,

Gave X,Y,Z security to RSS terrorist Kapil Mishra & bigot Kangana on our taxes ,

Priority sorted .

This RSS-BJP led govt made India funeral pyre ,It’s a Complete disaster here, with no exit route.
#IndiaChoked #ResignModi pic.twitter.com/xzji2K2ZCI

— The Warrior Pro (@optimusprime689) April 29, 2021

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