Pappu Yadav Arrested for ViolatingLockdown Rules

 Bihar: JAP Supreme Pappu Yadav Arrested on Tuesday for Breaking Lockdown Rules.


Image Credit: ANI

On Tuesday Police Reached the Residence of Pappu Yadav (JAP Supremo), Police said He Was Arrested Because Of Violating Lockdown Rules, Also Pappu Yadav was Roaming during the Lockdown Without Permit.

IG of Patna Said:

While Talking with Several Media Houses The IG said Earlier Pappu Was Warnerd, But he Break The Rules so that why we have Arrested JAP Supremo Pappu Yadav.
Pappu Yadav Said after the Arrest the Pappu said “the Bihar government and Nitish babu [CM Nitish Kumar] are aware of” said NoOne gets Arrested only for Voilation Lockdown.

He Continue and Said “They’ll tell you why I have been arrested. I have helped every family for 1.5 months, I was at it despite coming out of an operation. The govt and Nitish babu will know what this is. An arrest doesn’t take place for violation of lockdown.”

कोरोना काल में जिंदगियां बचाने के लिए अपनी जान हथेली पर रख जूझना अपराध है, तो हां मैं अपराधी हूं।

PM साहब, CM साहब

दे दो फांसी, या, भेज दो जेल
झुकूंगा नहीं, रुकूंगा नहीं।
लोगों को बचाऊंगा।
बेईमानों को बेनकाब करता रहूंगा!

— Pappu Yadav (@pappuyadavjapl) May 11, 2021

लॉकडाउन उल्लंघन के नाम पर गिरफ्तारी
सरकार ने खुद मार ली अपने पांव पर कुल्हाड़ी
जाग गयी जनता तो मोदी-नीतीश यह आपको पड़ेगी भारी

— Pappu Yadav (@pappuyadavjapl) May 11, 2021

मुझे गिरफ्तार कर पटना के
गांधी मैदान थाना ले आया है।

— Pappu Yadav (@pappuyadavjapl) May 11, 2021

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