No Lockdown in Delhi CM Kejriwal

 Delhi: Today Delhi Chief Minister kejriwal said that ongoing second wave of Covid-19 in Delhi is not as the previous wave, So there is  no need to impose lockdown

image source: Bussiness Standard

 ” We will be reviewing the situation. in future, if Needed for a lockdown I will consult before taking decision” The Chief Minister Kejriwal said,

aslo CM said adding that through it is being considered the second wave for Our Country, it is Fourth Wave for DELHI.

An Emergency meeting was called by kejriwal’ House in view of increasing Covid

-19 Cases in Delhi.

“Cases are spreading fast. This is concerning but there is nothing to panic about. In October, when daily cases were around 3,000-4,000 like it is now, there were many patients in ICU. There were many deaths as well. But this wave is less serious than the previous ones. More people are under home isolation,” Kejriwal said.

source: Hindustan Time

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