#modiji_cancel12thboards Trending on Twitter, Student Request to Cancel Exams

India: as India is Going through Second Wave of Coronavirus, CBSE Students Takes Help of Twitter and Writes to Prime Minister of India and Request to Cancel Board Exam of 12th Class. 

Image Credit: NDTV

Many Indian States had already Imposed Lockdown and All Education Institute had Already Shut down to stop Spreading of Virus, Parents and Students are continuously Demanding to Cancel Board Exam for Students Safety. 

Many Students on Monday Takes Help of Twitter and urge PM to Cancel Board, and Twitter india is Trending with modiji_cancel12thboards.

CBSE has not taken any decision so far and only Stated that: “It is clarified that no such decision has been taken regarding CBSE class 12 examinations as being speculated in certain sections of media. Any decision taken in this matter will be officially communicated to the public.”

Some Tweets 

Humble request to the Govt of India to cancel the Class 12 Board Examinations. Students have been waiting for a long time. Please take a decision immediately & find an alternative.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #modiji_cancel12thboards @PMOIndia @PMOIndia @DrRPNishank pic.twitter.com/dMea9Wqlc7

— Rohan Girme (@RohanGirme5) May 17, 2021

India Wide Parents’ Association writes to Prime Minister’s Office @PMOIndia requesting for cancellation of Class 12 board exams, marking via internal assessment. Says delay will cause anxiety, mental stress and depression. @ashokgehlot51 pic.twitter.com/vB22As86bG

— Kashish Rawal (@KashishRawal17) May 17, 2021

Plz think about the students once and cancel all board exams.Everyone is under immense mental pressure and anxiety which is not doing any productivity in anyone's lives.Plz announce a favourable decision asap.thnx#modiji_cancel12thboards @PMOIndia @DrRPNishank pic.twitter.com/rxSBjIdDK3

— Aarti choudhary (@Aartich59515842) May 17, 2021

Student demanding cancel 12th board exam@indubalagothwal #modiji_cancel12thboards pic.twitter.com/L8bpGQGXW9

— Indubala (@indubalagothwal) May 17, 2021

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