Madhaya pradesh Cops Beaten Auto Driver for not wearing mask correctly

Madhya Pradesh: This incident take place on Tuesday after A video of 2 Policeman Beating goes Viral.According to NDTV  The Krishna keyer a 35 years old Auto Rickhaw driver was beaten because his mask sliped down from nose, And Krishna was in a Hurry and on his was to meet his father in a hospital

A cellphone video taken by a Bystander show them kicking and punching the Krishna Mercilessly as he lay on Ground, His son Crying and asking for help.

Policemen in Indore brutally beating a man for not wearing a mask (which he should) while his child cries, pleading infront of the cops. @ChouhanShivraj will your shameless policemen do the same to PM Modi or BJP leaders who say “no need to wear mask”?

— Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) April 6, 2021

According the New indain Express two both cops Suspended, And also PTI stated that Police However said the man first assaulted and abused constable.

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