Labour Day, 1 May 2021: History of International Labour Day?

India: International Workers Day or Labour Day is Celebrated anally on 1st May, Labours Celebrated this day in More than 80 + Countries across the World and Labour Unions organized Programmes to improve Wages.


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History of International Labour Day:

The Labour day origin was from Chicago, On May 4 1886 know as the Haymarket Affair. In Chicago on this day the Workers did Peaceful Rally and Protest against 15 Hours Work day and in demanding of 8 (Eight Hours) work day. 

But on this Day some Unknown people Threw a Dynamite Bomb at the Police, this Result to Death of 7 Police Officers and Four Civilian, and Many Get wounded. 

So This Chicago Protest now Celebrated as Labour Day on 1 May Every Year. Indian Labour also protest against 15 Hours work Day and india First Labour Day was celebrated on 1 May 1923 in Chennai, organised by ‘Kisan Party of Hindustan’. 

Theme of International Labour Day 2021:

The theme of International Labour Day 2021 is not decided yet but I will be announce soon. 

Why do we Celebrate Labour Day? 

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The rising death of the workforce in industries forced the working class to raise their voice for their safety. After efforts made by the workers and socialists, eight-hours was declared as the legal time for the workers in the national convention at Chicago in late 19th century by the American Federation of Labor.

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