Indian Actress Alia Bhatt tests COVID-19 positive : Report

              image Sources : Times of India

India: Indian Actress Alia Bhatt Test Positive for Covid-19, According to Filfare Tweet, they been Reports that suggest that the “Razi’ Actress has Test Covid Positive, However there has been No Conformation from Alia Bhatt Herself. 
Source : Filmfare

And also Many Actress / Actress includes Amitab Bachchan also fallen to the deadly Virus so far.

Maharastrata has become one of Most Virus hit state in India so far, 

Mumbai reported Massive spike of 8,646 new Covid-19 cases within 24 hours,and 18 deaths. The numbers have pushed the total number of cases to 4,23,360 and the death toll to 11,704.

Source : News 18

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