India Record 3.79 Lakh Cases in Last 24 Hours

India: A New High Covid Figures for India has Recorded Highest New Coronavirus Cases in Last 24 Hours.

Image Credit: DW

India has Recorded 3,79,257 New Coronavirus Cases, and around 3,645 deaths, and Currently India has 30,84,814 Active Cases and 15,00,20,648 People Vaccinated, This Spike of coronavirus Lead to Shortage of Oxygen and Beds in Hospitals.

Currently India is Battling against with second wave of coronavirus and Many States had already imposed the Lockdown to stop spread of Virus.

Recently Government announce to give Vaccination to adults above 18 and Nearly 1.3+ People Registered for Vaccination of CoWIN.

Karnataka On Wednesday Recorded nearly 39,000 Cases Highest since the Pandemic start, And Bengal Also Reach 17,207 Cases.

Maharashtra Struggles Continue, Nearly 63,309 New Cases recorded and 985 Covid Deaths in Last 24 Hours.Kerala also recorded more than 35,000 New Cases and Capital City recorded 25,986 New Cases

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