Gb Whatsapp : New Version 2022 Download, Safe?

Gb WhatsApp Download
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What is Gb Whatsapp, Download apk! Safe?

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lets see details and Facts About Gb WhatsApp, So let’s get started, Gb WhatsApp a Widely Famous alternative or modified WhatsApp, Developed by some other developers, which comes with some extra features, Many user want to use So many people use the app without any research, so the simple questions is that GB WhatsApp is Safe? Answer is clear and Loud NO.

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But Why? The Main Reason is it’s developed ( Modified ) by other developers and it doesn’t come from open source and reputed company/organization.

And also one more factor that which make this App More Unsafe! This Apps may contain Viruses that can create problems in your device.

Another most important thing the user data! This kind of apps can easily extract your valuable data without your knowledge, and can do anything without your permission.

Why this apps have do download from browser or third party websites, why Google Play Store and app store doesn’t allow this apps, The reasons is clear that this apps are clone version of Famous APP and may have different security issues and Concerns.

Download Apk

How user download GB WhatsApp, let’s see, There are few ways to Download the apk file of Gb WhatsApp App, Methods are

  1. Through third party websites which provides apk file. This website are usually available and can easily find on Google.
  2. Using the developer website, there are lots of clone WhatsApp Available by Different Different names like FM WhatsApp, Pink WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, Gb WhatsApp and more, so you can also download this kind off from actual provider or developer.

Still after see that much problems, You wanna download app so follow steps and download the app at your own risk.

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Features of Gb WhatsApp

Gb WhatsApp always get attentions due to its features that Real WhatsApp Doesn’t have, But in recent time WhatsApp has tried to add more user required Feature like Dark theme and Delete message which was not available earlier, Still there are many features that not available in WhatsApp as compare to Gb WhatsApp.

Gb WhatsApp allows users to download any status or story of their friends in just one click, and also the main Feature it contains that user can hide chats so that their chat will be hidden if someone check their WhatsApp, mainly many user use this to hide their chats.

Some other Features

  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide recording status
  • Add stickers from Google Play
  • Audio share up to 100MB
  • Create, use and share your own themes
  • Video statuses of up to seven minutes
  • Change the notify-bar icon
  • Multiple GIF providers
  • Change video player
  • Message Scheduler

This were the features that user want to use.

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So lets get to the conclusion, You have saw all the point why you should not use GB WhatsApp, We highly recommend you to not to use any Modified app or Software definitely it comes with some virus that will harm your Device and your data is also not safe in this app, so kindly use Original Apps that are safe.


Is Gb WhatsApp Safe?

Answer is clear and Loud “NO” there many reasons that make this app unsafe

What happened if I use Gb WhatsApp

Your mobile get affected from viruses and your data is not safe, and mainly you can also Get Banned/Blocked from WhatsApp.

How to secure GB Whatsapp from hacking?

Gb WhatsApp is not safe and it can leak your data, so highly recommending to switch to original WhatsApp that is More safer for you.

Disclaimer – AlfazNews Does Not aim to Promote Modified Apps in Any Way. This page aims to inform the general public about Modified Apps and encourage them to be safe from such Apps. We further request you not to encourage or engage in any form.