Free Instagram Followers [Don’t Use Any Tool]

Get Instagram Followers 100% Working or Fake, Let’s see How this kind of site makes you fool, and How they Actually Works, A Check on IG Followers tools.

There are Lots of websites available online that claim to increase Instagram Followers, some of them are Free and Some are Paid to use, But Wait did they actually work? If yes how they work, let’s FIND OUT WITH ME!

In the online World everyone wants More Followers and to fulfill their need most of the People actually pay for many tools sites, Here in this Post Let’s Take a close look on this kind of Tools.


No one follows any one without knowing them! So how tools work Most of the Instagram Followers Increase Tools Use BOT’S or Fake Accounts to increase the Followers of their Users.

From the above line you might get an idea how this started but let’s check some deep Info about this Tools, Most of the Tools are Fake, They just want Traffic so that they show you Advertisements to Earn Money and Their Tools doesn’t work.

Image 1

For Example Check above Image from a Tool available online that claims to increase Instagram Followers, But does it Actually works, Definitely Not this is just a simple website setup for traffic not to increase followers.

Image 2

Here is the 2nd Type of Tool available in Market (see Image 2), This kind of tool also Claims to provide 100 percent genuine Followers, and most tools sites are paid, meaning you need to pay them to increase Followers.

And one more important thing, Never Login on any site to increase Free/paid Followers because they are not secure they can steal your ID Data, So be careful before login into any sites.


Now you have an Clear Image of how this kind of tools actually work so Now let’s check What are the Problems that you can face after using this kind of tools.

Your Data can be Stolen!  If you have used any kind of site to increase your Followers then you might get into some troubles. This kind site sells your data to others.

Account Ban! Yes you read it right your account can be disable, If you have increased your followers and if Instagram Find this activity then might ban you.

And most importantly if you have given login details like ID and Password, then your Instagram Account is not Safe, to secure it  logout from all devices and change your password.

Disclaimer – AlfazNews Does Not aim to Promote Tools in Any Way. This page aims to inform the general public about Tools and encourage them to be safe. We further request you not to encourage or engage in Tools in any form, All the Images used for Information Purpose we does not aim to defame any kind of sites (For any Kind of discussion You can contact us through contact page)

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