FIR Against Google CEO Sundar Pichai and 5 other officials for Copyright Act violation

Mumbai Police on Wednesday on direction of court has filled complaint against Google CEO Sunder pichai and five other Companie officials for Copyright Violation.

Sunday pichai google ceo image
Image Credit: DNA

Mumbai police Said “On directions of a court, a case has been registered against Google CEO Sundar Pichai and five other company officials for Copyright Act violation.”

According to report the Complaint is filled by Suneel Darshan “Director and producer,” The Darshan claims that he has not given right to anyone of his 2017 Film Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha but it uploaded on YouTube-a Platform which is owned by Google.

Darshan said he raised this Issue earlier with YouTube but didn’t receive any response from it, so he had to approach the court.

FIR has registered under Section 51, 63 and 69 of Copyright Infringement Act, 1957.

No Response came from Pichai and Google yet!


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