Ban Extended on Election Rallies Till Jan 31 With Relaxations for phase 1,2

The Election Commission on Saturday announced the Ban on Election Rallies will extended Till Januarys 31, Relaxation for Public Meeting for Phase 1 from Jan 28 and for phase 2 from Feb 1.

Image Credit: IndiaToday

India: On Saturday the Election Commission has decided and announced, Ban on the Rallies will be extended till January 31, with certain relaxations for the first two phases of voting due on February 10 and 14. The decision came after the election body held a meeting earlier on Saturday with the Union Health Secretary and Chief Health of the five states to review the restrictions given the surge in coronavirus cases Secretaries

Earlier The Election Commission had banned election rallies and roadshows until January 15 first and later extended the ban till January 22 for the five states holding elections from next month (February) – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa.

This Time The Election commission has allowed some relaxations for physical public meetings of political parties or contesting candidates for Phase 1 from January 28 and for Phase 2 from February 1.

It said that the limit of five people for door-to-door campaigning has been raised to 10, excluding security personnel and video vans for publicity permitted at certain open spaces with COVID-19 restrictions.

Since contesting candidates for Phase 1 elections will be finalized on January 27, the Election Commission has decided to allow physical meetings in designated open spaces with up to 500 people or 50 percent of the ground’s capacity or the prescribed limit set by state disaster management – whichever is lower, from January 28 till February 8 2022, And for Phase 2, contesting candidates for which will be finalized by January 31, the Commission has decided to allow the same relaxation from February 1 till February 12 2022.