Abdul Khadar Nadakattin Honored with Padma Shri award

Abdul khadar Honored with Padma Shri award for his Innovations in Agriculture.

Image Credit: News18

Karnataka: Abdul Khader Nadakattin from Annigeri in Dharwad district, Karnataka State has Spent his Life for Innovating Farming Equipment’s and Tools that can make farming easy and help Farmers, on Tuesday according to Padma Shri Award List he was among Padma Shri recipients from Karnataka state for his Innovations.

Abdul has Spend almost five Decades in Innovating farming tools and Equipment’s, He started his Experiments in 1980’s by Planting Mangos and Sapota in Intercrop with chilli and ber, His Experiment turned into Reality in 1994 when Abdul succeed to develop a device which can separate tamarind seeds from Pulp.

Abdul Started his Innovation from 1974 soon after he left his School studies, Later in 1975 He Founded Vishwashanthi Agri Research Centre.

Abdul Said “Country is running with help of farmers, so I did everything for them in 40-45yrs. Most farmers are benefitting with Nadakattin sowing machine. I’m very happy with the award.”